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I suppose I am a true introvert, because I have, at times, relished this necessity to stay home, even as I miss friends, miss the seniors that come to my class at the Goeske Senior Center. I miss my Life Drawing group, but we will meet on Zoom today. My poetry workshop has met twice on Zoom already. There is Facebook, email, and the phone. I am fortunate to have a home, a garden, a husband who insists on doing all the shopping (he has the best face mask). I am thankful for the sacrifices that many are making, the risks that health care workers take, especially, but also workers in post offices, grocery stores, and all the businesses that provide for us. Politics and the news media remain terribly divisive,. I wish that could change. The air is cleaner now, the neighborhood quieter. I am more aware of what matters most to me.

Her are a few of the drawings I’ve made since early April. It feels good to have one thing I do each day to improve my skills.

5 thoughts on “Art in Seclusion

  1. Mary Jo Werner says:

    I think your comments resonate with a lot of us! I appreciate the poet’s view, meaning you,
    My favorites are the gestural markings in the tea pot and the corked glass pitcher.


    1. lavinablossom says:

      Thank you for the feedback. I think I used ink in both of those–which is more challenging, but also very rewarding.


  2. Almeda Champion says:

    Hi Lavina………….it is so good to see you on Facebook and all your drawings. I miss everyone so much and our class…..hope we can get back together some day soon.


    1. lavinablossom says:

      I will start up the class again just as soon as it’s safe. I miss you too. Keep making your unique art creations. I know it’s hard to focus right now–at least it is for me. I’m happy that you like my drawings. It helps to have one art project I can complete each day.


  3. Cindy Bousquet Harris says:

    Hi, Lavina — I especially like the bee on the flower and the pants on a hanger.


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