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Since March, I joined a collage group that meets once a month to share work responding to a prompt. For our last Zoom meeting, we made pieces from recycled material. I cleaned out old catalogs and sifted through the waste basket…love this kind of recycling. I also took a 3-week online course with Lewis Noble, a British artist, and I had my 2 doses of the Covid vaccine. After recovering from a monster headache the day after the second shot, and a couple smaller headaches in the following week, I now feel well, relieved to be safer (not totally safe) from the virus, and more positive about the future. But shame on India’s Prime Minister Modi for his wretched inaction to protect the people of his country!

Deep breath. I have missed friends, yet have relished having this time at home to feel my way toward creating pieces that give me so much pleasure and comfort.

Below, a collage, a painting on paper, and a painting on board:

This Can’t Be Right, collage on paper
Acrylic on paper
AL (Abstract Landscape) #1 – mixed media on board, 8×8: Available on FASO.

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