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I have been creating 6×6 landscape paintings that are on cradled board or cradled canvas (1.5 inches deep, so no frame needed.). I sold the first 3 at the Riverside Art Museum’s recent 6×6 fundraiser, and the other 3 will be in the Chaffey Community Museum’s gallery store (in Ontario, CA) soon. I have several larger landscapes that I will work on when I’ve finished a few more of these. These don’t require any fewer hours to complete, yet I find them equally satisfying–because I can see them all at once and they feel more intimate than the larger paintings. Also, I can approach them, because of their size, as more playful (child size) and feel less pressure to create works that are impressive. That frees me up. I’m a little more relaxed working smaller. I wonder how others feel about that.

One thought on “6 – 6×6 Landscapes

  1. Dawn A Alberts says:

    I love, love love this collection of landscapes. Very nice!!


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