Lavina Blossom Art

Where Art Matters

I am a writer (mostly of poetry) and a visual artist, working with acrylics, oils, watercolor, and mixed media.

I have an MFA in poetry, while my visual art training has been through practice, reading, and taking classes. 

I show my paintings, mixed media, and printmaking pieces locally at the Riverside Community Art Association here in Riverside, California, at the Chaffey Community Museum of Art in Upland, CA, and online at Daily Paintworks and FASO.  

You can click on the Daily Paintworks link in the paragraph above to see the kinds of art I have made over the years.  A Google search of my name will take you to some of my poems and articles on writing. 

Many artists have generously shared their knowledge, their work, and their process with me.  I am grateful to everyone who has helped me over the years to learn and grow as an artist, and I am always open to sharing what I have learned.

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